Railways are the most preferred mode of transport for the Indian population, running 9,000 trains, reaching 8,000 stations and handling approximately 1.4 crore passengers per day. But did you know that railways are made up of complex mechanical and electrical systems and there are thousands of moving parts? If the railways are to be functional, reliable and safe, the equipment must be kept in good working order and regular maintenance is the essential ingredient to achieve this. And that is why the people behind the construction and maintenance of the locomotives play a very critical role in the smooth functioning of the Indian railway industry.

Every day the railway mechanical department staff is working in different areas such as storage yard, a locomotive cleaning area, an inspection, and light maintenance shed, a heavy maintenance shop and diesel loco shed to ensure the smooth functioning of the trains throughout the day. It is the toughest environment in which the technicians are constantly working, that takes a toll on the health of their hands. Building and repairing engines, painting the locomotives and testing continuously exposes their hands to harsh chemicals, grease, grime, and tar. And when it comes to handwashing the workers simply use water and regular soap which doesn’t help in the complete removal of the harmful substances their hands were exposed to. Overtime this not only affects the health of the workers in short and long term but also increases absenteeism resulting in a shortage of staff and reduced productivity for the railway industry.

That is why providing adequate provision and promotive healthcare services are important for the railway population to support them in leading a good quality of life. It is important that the railway stations, colonies, loco sheds, railway yards, and all workplaces are to be maintained in a hygienic and clean manner but it is also crucial to provide the railway staff with good sanitizing solutions so that they can maintain their personal hygiene.

Moreover, the food handling staff working under contractors/railway catering department, in Refreshment Rooms, canteens, dining cars, and station vendors, as well as cooks and helpers should be thoroughly trained on maintaining self-hygiene and given adequate products to retain the same. This also applies for the entire pantry and linen staff, and the safaiwalas who work day and night to ensure that the railway premises, stations, and the facilities are always clean.

An average of 1.4 crore passengers frequent the railway stations and travel in the trains every day all over the country. It is, therefore essential that quality hygienic standards in line with international best practices are implemented by the Indian railway industry.

At Svaastya we will help you implement a comprehensive hand hygiene program which will not just benefit your entire railway staff but also the railway industry in the long run. Our collaboration with the US based GOJO industry has allowed us to bring to you sanitizing solutions that will help build a healthier working environment in the railways.

GOJO hand hygiene solutions for railway Industry

  • To ensure that every staff member of the railways is following the hygiene protocol, it is important to make hand hygiene easily accessible for them. Railway technicians working in the diesel loco sheds and yards need a solution that can easily cleanse their hands from tar and grease. GOJO green-certified orange pumice hand cleaner is the perfect solution for those hard-working hands. The hand cleaner is powerful yet mild and it gently removes all the grease, grime and tar from medium to heavily soiled hands. GOJO hand cleaning dispensers should be implemented in every diesel loco sheds and yards to make it convenient for workers to wash their hands as frequently as required.
  • Constantly toiling the hands takes a toll on them and may cause a skin condition called occupational contact dermatitis. This is a leading work-related illness in today’s time that is caused by the chemicals or irritants which the workers are exposed to. Using GOJO HAND MEDIC Professional Skin Conditioner and moisturizer to hard-working hands as part of the healthy hand regimen can make a huge difference in technicians’ skin condition. GOJO hand medics are chemical-free antiseptic solutions specifically formulated for people who frequently have to get involved in heavy-duty work using their hands. The chemical and fragrance-free solution is quick-absorbing and leaves no greasy feeling on the hands. Technicians can use it before work, after washing hands and during night time to quickly heal their skin from any damage.
  • By implementing GOJO hand soaps and Purell advanced hand sanitizers in various premises such as railway stations, inside the train coaches, offices, railway hospitals, and railway food processing units, you are giving out a strong signal about your commitment towards creating a healthy and hygienic environment to the Indian population.