No one wants to go to a healthcare center or hospital to fall sick. People go to the hospital to get cured, to deliver babies and for vaccinations. However millions of people face the threat of getting infected by seeking care in hospitals which lacks appropriate and basic necessities such as water, sanitation and hand hygiene.

According to a UNICEF report, many health centers are deficient in basic facilities for hand hygiene and safe segregation and disposal of health care waste. These services are critical to preventing infections, reducing the spread of antimicrobial resistance and providing quality care, particularly for people undergoing surgery or for pregnant women in India.

Key facts about hand hygiene in the health care industry:

  • Handwashing with soap is an effective way to prevent infection in healthcare facilities.
  • A study on healthcare facilities found that 35% failed to offer soap and water for handwashing.
  • On average, 61% of healthcare workers are not adhering to best handwashing practices.
  • Each year, healthcare-associated infections affect 15.5% of patients in developing countries and antimicrobial resistance leads to 700,000 deaths.
  • Effective multi-modal programs can significantly improve hand hygiene in healthcare facilities.

Health care providers are the principal target of efforts to improve hand hygiene since they care for numerous patients and may come into contact with blood and other bodily fluids. For effective hand hygiene, all staff in healthcare facilities must disinfect their hands at 5 critical situations: before patient contact, before an aseptic task, after body fluid exposure risk, after patient contact, and after contact with patient surroundings.

On the other hand, patients in health care centers can also spread bacteria on their hands, and it is important that health care centers provide handwashing facilities with good quality soap and water at washrooms used by patients as well as other visitors who may be tending to patients’ needs.

According to UNICEF, hand hygiene equipment, such as a basin with water and soap or alcohol hand rub should be readily available at all points of care and washrooms. First-class hand hygiene necessitates the availability of functional and well-maintained handwashing stations located in or near sanitation facilities, at main entrances and exits of the healthcare centers, and in all treatment and recovery wards.

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GOJO hand hygiene solutions for health care centers

A hospital’s reputation depends on the care and facility it provides to the patients and staff. GOJO hand soaps and Purell Advanced hand sanitizer together help your hospital to strengthen the notion that you are committed to using products that offer high standards of hygiene and care.

According to a study published in Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control, alcohol-based hand rub was not just equally effective in killing bacteria of hand but also improved the quality and reduced the time spent on hand preparation. In short alcohol-based hand sanitizers are equally effective for the prevention of surgical site infections.

Purell advanced hand sanitizers and GOJO hand soaps were specially created for healthcare staff and the patients to help them maintain the utmost level of hand hygiene. GOJO and Purell hand hygiene solutions are designed in various product types (tabletop sanitizer bottles, stand-alone dispensers, single-use sanitizer sachets, wall mount and counter mount dispensers, etc) so that hand sanitizing is easily accessible and convenient for the staff, patients and visitors of the health care centers.

Moreover, all GOJO and Purell products are green certified and free from harsh chemicals and triclosan. Also, they don’t cause antibacterial resistance because alcohol-based hand sanitizers instantly destroy the membrane of the germs and evaporate quickly leaving no chance for microbes to become super microbes.

All the healthcare centers who have partnered with us for GOJO and Purell products are highly satisfied and today they recommend the products to others for maintaining their hand well-being.