Good personal hygiene behavior is recommended to prevent contagious diseases, and members of military forces may be at high risk for contracting contagious diseases. But maintaining personal hygiene can be a big challenge for the Indian army jawans. Even taking a daily bath can be difficult due to environmental reasons or operational conditions. Everyday our jawans are not just fighting on the border to help keep the country safe but also dealing with personal hygiene issues such as greasy, dirty, oily and dusty hands.

People who work and live in the crowded areas are at particular risk for poor hygienic behaviors and the military setting is the perfect example of this because military personnel live and work closely together in performing their duties as soldiers. That is why it is important for the military personnel to be armed with good hand hygienic products so that they can reduce casualty through avoidance of non-combat related health issues especially preventing the spread of deadly diseases.

At Svaastya we can help the Indian army soldiers to be mission-ready with GOJO and Purell hand sanitizing solutions. GOJO and Purell products eliminate 99.99% of pathogens from the hands as well as condition the skin. We can certainly guarantee that these hand hygienic products are your first line of defense against harmful pathogens.

GOJO hand hygiene solutions for Military

Purell advanced hand sanitizers are designed to help the soldiers maintain their personal hygiene in the most demanding situations. Besides the eco-friendly hand sanitizer which kills 99.99% of germs can prove to be the perfect partner for the soldiers at times when there is a lack of water facility.

GOJO green certified hand soaps and Purell hand sanitizers both have been built to help protect the military personnel from contracting infections. Furthermore, the hand sanitizing solutions can help reduce healthcare encounters and lost training time for the soldiers. It is advised that military personnel carry a 30ml flip cover Purell advanced hand sanitizer bottle with them at all times to make sure that their health is never compromised because of unhygienic hands.