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Establishing proper hand hygiene is an important requirement which is to be followed before entering into the manufacturing and processing area of any pharmaceutical company. In fact, the pharmaceutical cleanroom facility is generally inspected during any regulatory inspection or customer audit. However, studies reveal poor compliance to maintaining basic hand sanitation from the personnel’s side. Poor handwashing technique in pharmaceutical manufacturing units may result in increased illness and absenteeism, predominantly in time of a potential H1N1 pandemic. As a matter of fact, there have been published a number of articles on the best ways to minimize the spread of the H1N1 virus transmission and proper handwashing has proved to be extremely effective and economical in this matter.

However, handwashing is an activity that is often taken for granted. Every pharmaceutical process that includes some aspect of human intervention is subject to contamination, and the integrity of well-designed and controlled pharmaceutical processes may be compromised by careless handwashing. That is why manufacturing companies need an effective plan such as GOJO hand hygiene program that provides personnel hygiene training and management to the employees.

Conversely, it is observed that limited availability to adequate facilities in the pharma cleanroom may lead to poor compliance and protocol. These facilities include appropriately constructed and sourced water, good soap supply and provision for thorough drying of hands.

GOJO hand hygiene products are developed using the latest science and technology available to ensure a high-quality standard to arrest the spread of microbes. For decades GOJO has been successfully creating a culture of compliance in pharmaceutical firms.

GOJO hand hygiene program for pharma manufacturing

In a pharmaceutical manufacturing cleanroom, the type of soap and especially the design of dispenser play a key role in determining the efficiency of handwashing. Regular bar soaps and bulky refillable dispensers which are open to the environment defeat the purpose of killing microbes because of their continuous exposure to germs. Using such soaps is guaranteed to cause cross-contamination.

The GOJO SANITARY SEALED Soap System features factory-sealed refills that help lock out microbes and protects the health of personnel. And every new refill comes with a fresh nozzle, so there’s no long-term exposure to the microbes in the environment. It’s the most secure, cost-effective, more sustainable and image-enhancing alternative to refillable bulk soap and can be easily implemented in pharma clean rooms. Moreover, if you combine GOJO hand soaps with GOJO and Purell touch-free dispensers it creates a powerful hand cleaning solution ensuring that you are thoroughly protected from germs. And if you also add Purell Advanced hand sanitizer your hand hygiene regimen goes to a whole new level.

Remember technique, procedure, and the right sanitizing products are paramount in minimizing transmission. Once your staff is trained, ongoing compliance with the hand-washing procedure should be monitored as part of an ongoing contamination control program for the facility. This will aid in minimizing employee absence due to illness.