SKU: 2720-12
Size: 1200 mL
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Warranty: 3 Years

This touch-free dispenser is an easy to maintain hand sanitizing system which is designed using advanced and reliable technology. Purell TFX dispenser runs on electricity and has a capacity of 1200ml. The touch free sensor detects the hand motions and automatically dispenses the amount of gel or foam required for best hand hygiene.

  • Stylish and trouble-free electronic system.
  • Compatible with PURELL® TFX™ 1200 mL refills.
  • Dispenser turns off automatically when opened.
  • Fully ADA compliant, UL/CE registered.
  • Provides more number of hand washes than your regular soap dispenser.
  • LED light shows when battery charge is low.
  • You can get 30,000 uses from three standard alkaline batteries.
  • Sight window makes it convenient to fill the refills.
  • Refill snaps securely into place with an audible click.