Gojo hand cleaners provide one stop solution for automobile technicians. Automobile

When you are involved in mechanical work there is one thing you will certainly face and that is grease, grime, and tar. Despite all the protective measures you take for your hands they are bound to get covered in grease and dirt. Hand cleaning should be as simple as changing oil, break or a car tire. But if you look at some of the automobile service centers or manufacturing units you will notice that they have a number of hand cleaners except their effectiveness may not be up to the mark. A wrong type of hand cleaner in a mechanical workshop can lead to:

  • Dry and damaged skin because of vigorous rubbing of hands.
  • Poor productivity and high downtime of technicians.
  • Exasperated workers.

You can prevent the hassle of cleaning your hands after strenuous mechanical work with GOJO green certified hand cleaning solutions. GOJO heavy duty hand cleaners are fast and effective, gentle on skin, quickly remove grease and grime and do not clog drains.

GOJO hand hygiene solutions for the Automobile Industry:

It does not matter whether you are a mechanic in an auto repair shop or a technician/worker in an automobile manufacturing unit, GOJO heavy duty hand cleaner is your one-stop solution for maintaining clean and healthy hands. GOJO natural orange pumice hand cleaner quickly and effectively removes grease and grime from your hands without roughing up or damaging your skin.

However, there will be situations where rough and tough work will take a toll on your hands and may cause a skin condition called occupational contact dermatitis. This is a leading work-related illness in today’s time that is caused by the chemicals or irritants which the workers are exposed to. Symptoms of occupational contact dermatitis include – dry and damaged skin, severe itching and burning of the skin.

Using GOJO HAND MEDIC Professional Skin Conditioner and moisturizer to hard-working hands as part of the healthy hand regimen can make a huge difference in technicians’ skin condition. As a matter of fact, workers in many industries felt considerable improvement in their symptoms within just 14 days of use.

GOJO hand medics are chemical-free antiseptic solutions specifically formulated for people who frequently have to get involved in heavy-duty work using their hands. The chemical and fragrance-free solution is quick-absorbing and leaves no greasy feeling on the hands. Technicians can use it before work, after washing hands and during night time to quickly heal their skin from any damage.

Just as your automobile needs care and protection so does your workers. You can keep the health and performance of your workers at peak with 2 simple solutions; Clean and condition with GOJO professional skincare products.