GOJO® Original Formula™ Hand Cleaner 4.5 lbs

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Size: 4.5 lb mL
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Gojo original hand cleaner is a cream style hand cleaner that can be used with our without water. This specially formulated hand cleaner is essential for removing heavy grease, tar, and oil. It is a perfect hand hygiene product for workshops, garages, and a wide variety of industrial applications. It also contains smoothing emollients for extra powerful cleaning and soothing action.

  • 4.5 lb. plastic cartridge.
  • Creme formula with soothing emollients.
  • Ideal for removing grease, tar, and oil.
  • Can be wiped clean with a towel or rinsed with water.
  • Perfect for workshops, garages, and industrial applications.
  • No harsh solvents.
  • Contains skin conditioners.