Did you know that workplace germs threaten people and their performance? Did you also know that every area in your office premises harbor germs? Did you know that on an average, office desk harbors 10 million germs? And did you know that germs can live on contaminated surfaces for more than 2 hours?

Every year hundreds of employees take sick leaves because of a simple touch. The reason is that most germs in your office are spread by hands. How? A harmless shake hand or a contact can spread germs from washrooms, meeting rooms to doorknobs, chairs, keyboards, folders, shared cubicles, lift buttons and finally to your staff and visitors. Germs spread and cause illness and eventually take a toll on the productivity of your workforce – inefficiency, poor concentration, and absenteeism. In the end, it is the business that takes a blow with low employee morale, poor performance, huge losses and damage to the organization’s reputation. Besides people would not like to work in an office setting that is widespread with germs and can easily make them ill. But all this can change with one solution

With extensive research, surveys and insights, GOJO have developed a comprehensive hand hygiene program which organizations can use to create a safer, healthier and germ-free working environment for employees. For decades GOJO has been helping firms fight workplace germs in every area where people interaction happens

A partial solution does not create the perfect environment. The key to success is to ensure that hand hygiene products are easily available to people wherever the disease-causing germs are lingering. That is why GOJO developed an integrated hand cleaning program for organizations so that they can ensure the health of their employees is not compromised.

It has been scientifically proven that the powerful combination of Purell advanced hand sanitizer with GOJO hand cleaner creates a positive impact on the performance of the people and drastically reduces the absenteeism of the workforce.

GOJO hand hygiene solutions for Offices:

Here are a few simple actions you can take for every area of your office building to build a healthy and safe working environment for your employees.

Restrooms Areas

Did you know? - Almost a quarter of men and women don’t wash hands after using the restroom. Their behavior contaminates every surface they touch as well as the people they come in contact with. Besides, a study has shown that 25% of refillable bulk soap dispensers contain high levels of contamination. If you wash your hands with contaminated soap it only results in further contamination.

Solution – Reduce the risk of germs leaving the restroom and make your office premises safe by installing GOJO luxury foam hand cleaners near the sink and Purell touch-free dispensers at every restroom exit. GOJO hand dispensers prevent contamination by locking out germs, give a neat look to the washroom, and have low-maintenance. Besides they come with a lifetime warranty.

Common areas and workplace stations

Did you know? – Elevators, doorknobs, phones, desks, keyboards, stair rails, and reception areas are a favorite spot for illness-causing germs to linger around. And when workers and visitors enter the meeting rooms or their work stations they carry those germs inside. Cafeteria and break rooms also pose a hygienic threat as the transmission of germs can happen from hand to mouth.

Solution – By installing Purell advanced hand sanitizer with touch-free dispensers throughout your office facilities, you are creating a healthy and hygienic setting for your employees to work in. You can also put Purell hand sanitizer bottles on every table, desk and counter to remind people to sanitize regularly.

In a recent study, it was written that absenteeism due to illness was reduced by 21% with Purell and GOJO installation at office buildings. The more convenient and accessible you make hand hygiene, the more intelligent you will be in creating a strong and high performing workforce.