Why Use Purell? Hand Sanitizers

Do you think that all hand sanitizers are equal? Definitely not. Purell Advanced hand sanitizer is a far superior formulation that exceeds FDA healthcare personnel handwash requirements while maintaining the overall health of your skin.

Naturally renewable ethyl alcohol

Many people believe that a high level of alcohol is the key to effectively eliminate germs from their hands. This is NOT true. Alcohol reaches a point of diminishing return at higher levels and also causes your skin to become rough and dry. But with Purell Advanced hand sanitizer that is not the case. As a company dedicated to the science of skin health, GOJO scientists developed a potent yet gentle formula that delivers exceptional efficacy in a skin-friendly manner without the use of excessive alcohol.

To maintain the efficacy of a hand sanitizer it must contain at least 60% alcohol and Purell Advanced hand sanitizers are developed with 70% ethyl alcohol which is naturally derived. The patent-pending blend of Purell’s ingredients has been clinically proven to reduce transient bacteria flora on hands while maintaining the skin’s moisture and its overall skin health.

Be it in gel or foam format Purell advanced hand sanitizer have successfully outperformed other hand sanitizers and provides unmatched efficiency against other brands.

Broad-spectrum microbial protection

Time and again Purell has been tested for its hand hygiene performance and every time it has demonstrated rapid and effective defense against gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms. Hence, Purell Advanced hand sanitizer shields your hands against a broad spectrum of deadly microorganisms.

Presence of natural moisturizers

It is true that frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer leads to dry, rough and irritated skin which can be challenging when you are in an atmosphere or profession where you need to keep your hands disinfected at all times. But with Purell Advanced hand sanitizer’s mild formulation you can sanitize your hands as often as required without damaging the membrane of the skin. In fact, it has been proven that the use of Purell makes your hands extremely moisturized and improves the overall skin health that you want to keep using the product again and again.

Innovative Dispensing systems

GOJO with its invention of innovative dispensing systems has made it extremely convenient for people to apply only that much hand sanitizer that is needed to meet FDA efficacy requirements which are 1.1ml. Moreover, Purell comes in various refills, pump bottles, flip-top bottles, jelly wraps, dispensers, etc to ensure that you get optimal hand protection round the clock.

Purell has been used safely by the public for decades in both home and professional settings. Now it’s your turn to make your work and home environment healthier.

Debunking Purell Myths

Myth #1: "Using Hand Sanitizer Creates Antibiotic Resistance or super germs"

Truth: The Use of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer does NOT cause Antibiotic Resistance. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers instantly destroy the membrane of the germs and evaporate quickly leaving no chance for germs to become super germs.

Myth #2: "All Germs Are the Same"

Truth: All Germs Are NOT Created Equal. There Are Transient Organisms (Illness-Causing) and Resident Organisms (Good Germs). A sick person spreads transient germs and a healthy person picks up the transient germ and gets sick. If the transient germs are not eliminated from the hands via a potent hand sanitizer then the cycle of transmitting illness-causing germ continues.

Myth #3: "Using Hand Sanitizer Kills All of the Germs, Even the Good Germs"

Truth: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of illness-causing germs but the good germs remain deep in the layers of the skin and quickly grow back. Purell actually helps in maintaining the Normal Microflora of the Skin.

Myth #4: "Alcohol and Non-Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers are the Same"

Truth: The formulation matters, not all sanitizers are the same. As a matter of fact authorities like the centre for disease control and WHO actually recommend the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer over any other type of hand sanitizers.

Myth #5: "Hand Sanitizers Contain Triclosan, Which is found in Antibacterial Soaps"

Truth: PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Does NOT Contain Triclosan.

Myth #6: "Frequent Use of Hand Sanitizers Dries Out My Hands".

Truth: Formulation matters. Purell Advanced hand sanitizer has been clinically proven to be gentler on hands because it does not strip away the natural lipids from hands. In fact, Purell contains natural moisturizers that have proven to improve the overall skin health.