Stay Healthy this
monsoon Season

Don’t we all love the rainy season? But did you know that rains bring along many health challenges for us? Bacteria loves moisture and monsoon is the season when bacteria and germs increase multifold in the environment. Although rain is the season of joy, yet it also peaks the spread of contagious diseases such as cold and cough, different types of flus or influenzas, diarrhoea, skin and eye infections, etc.

It’s true that rainwater alone cannot harm our body. Actually, it is the viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microbes who are the main disease spreading culprits. During regular seasons our immune system fights against all these external evils and keeps us safe from falling ill. But in the rainy seasons, the white blood cells weaken due to temperature fluctuations, hence reducing our immunity.

Furthermore, the spread of infections not only negatively affect our health but also puts a financial strain on our pocket with rising medical bills. Besides we would have to take more sick leaves to nurse ourselves back to health which will impact our productivity and performance appraisal at work.

During monsoons, children tend to fall sick more than the rest of the year due to their weak immune system. Most schools witness an increase in the number of sick leaves at this time. Falling sick and being absent from school definitely delays a child’s learning.

Here are a few preventive tips to keep you healthy during monsoon season

  • Avoid eating outside food and drink clean and filtered water.
  • Use mosquito repellent as often as possible to avoid being bitten by infection carrying mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so avoid keeping stagnant water at home.
  • Keep your surrounding and environment clean and hygienic.
  • Keep yourself dry and avoid getting splashed by muddy water as it may be contaminated with bacteria and viruses.
  • Disinfect surfaces as often as possible to eliminate those lingering bacteria and germs.

From all the preventive tips above, the most important preventive method is to maintain personal hygiene especially handwashing. Hands are the major factor in carrying and transmitting germs in our environment. An infected person can easily pass on his germs by touching different surfaces and coming in contact with others. When people touch the infected surfaces or the infected person and touch their face or eat with contaminated hands they too get affected with the same infection. And that is how infections spread and an outbreak occurs.

World Health Organization (WHO) has time and again emphasized the importance of personal hygiene to ensure complete protection from communicable diseases. During monsoons, it is best that you wash your hands with water and soap as frequently as possible and when water is not available then use a good quality alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

With our collaboration with GOJO’s hand hygiene solutions, we ensure complete protection for you this monsoon season.

GOJO green certified hand soaps have been scientifically proven to kill harmful germs and bacteria from your hands. The formulation of the hand soaps is so mild that it does not make your skin dry and chapped. In fact, it makes it more conditioned and smooth. The hand soaps are chemical-free, fragrance-free and dermatologically tested. GOJO hand soap antimicrobial dispensers can easily be installed in all premises that need a healthy upgrade to their environment. The dispensers can be installed in schools, offices, hotels, restaurants, malls, airports, etc. Simply washing your hands with GOJO hand soaps and water can protect you from falling sick this monsoon season.

There will be situations when we need a sanitizing solution but don’t have water around us. That is when Purell advanced hand sanitizer comes to your rescue. Purell has been shown to reduce sick days by more than 50% in schools and offices. Purell Advanced hand sanitizer is a far superior formulation that exceeds FDA handwashing requirements while maintaining the overall health of your skin. This breakthrough skin-friendly formulation works by penetrating the membrane of the germ cells more effectively hence killing 99.99% of harmful germs on hands. Purell Advanced hand sanitizer is not just a scientifically tested, clinically proven and an award-winning product but also the world’s first green-certified instant hand sanitizer.

To keep yourself and your children healthy during rains ensure to keep a Purell squeeze bottle in your laptop bag, purse and children’s school bag at all times. Educate your children to sanitize their hands with Purell as often as possible. Besides corporate and school should also keep a tabletop bottle of Purell advanced hand sanitizer near reception areas, workstations, teacher's desk and places deemed necessary.

You can easily sail through the tough challenges of the rainy season and keep yourself safe and healthy by using GOJO and Purell hand hygiene solutions.