GOJO® TFX Touch Free Dispenser 1200 mL

SKU: 2740-12
Size: 1200 mL
Availability: In stock
Warranty: 3 Years

GOJO TFX 1200mL touch free hand soap dispenser is designed to provide you with best hand hygiene experience in high traffic areas. This product ensures that you get maximum benefit from hand wash and reduces cross contamination with its touch free mechanism. Gojo TFX touch free dispenser is smart and trouble-free dispenser which is compatible with GOJO® TFX-12 refill cartridges and can easily be installed in your facility such as kitchen sink area, restrooms, schools, airports, offices, etc.

  • Trouble-free performance and touch less mechanism.
  • Sight window makes it easy to check refill level.
  • Compatible with GOJO® TFX 1200 mL refills.
  • Easy installation with tape or screws.
  • Attractive dove grey finish.