GOJO® LTX Dispenser- Greay/White- 1200 mL

SKU: 1984-04
Size: 1200 mL
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Incorporate this slim and high capacity 1200ml GOJO LTX dispenser to create a hygienic environment for your workplace. While the dispenser is easy to install and wall mount, the touch-free dispensing mechanism helps minimize cross contamination of germs. The dispenser delivers reliable and consistent operation which does not use power until it is operated; hence, it helps to reserve battery life and durability of the product. Large clear window allows soap to be seen to monitor the refill level.

  • Smart touch free dispensing system to avoid cross contamination
  • Large sight window makes it easy to check refill level
  • Available for customization as per your needs
  • White and Grey color finish
  • Compatible with GOJO® LTX-12™ 1200 ml refills
  • Can be converted to a locked unit for tamper-free dispensing
  • Easy to install for trouble free maintenance