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Size: 1200 mL
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High capacity 1200 ml PURELL white touch free LTX-12 dispenser can be easily wall mounted in areas that have high traffic on a daily basis. The touch free mechanism ensures zero cross contamination and it is easy to load for trouble free mechanism. Purell LTX-12 dispenser is compatible with Purell® LTX hand sanitizer refill cartridges and can easily be added to your office, restroom, kitchen, or school.

  • Compatible with Purell LTX 12 1200ml refill.
  • Compatible with the PURELL® SMARTLINK™ Electronic Hand Hygiene Monitoring system.
  • Can be customized to meet business requirements.
  • Reliable touch free and automatic dispensing mechanism.
  • Dispenses adequate amount of gel that meets FDA requirements (1.1ml).
  • The dispenser can easily be added to your office, restroom, kitchen, hotel, school or restaurant.
  • Easy to install and can be converted to a locked unit to ensure tamper-free dispensing.
  • Comes with lifetime guarantee for quality assurance.
  • White color finish.
  • Large front window, innovative skylight, and indicator light for easy monitoring of the refill level.